Meet the horses



Photos of all our horses and ponies will be here soon……..

DENNIS is the smallest pony on the yard at just 10 hands. But what this little 16-year-old Shetland lacks in stature, he makes up for in personality. He’s the yard mascot. He’s kind and loving, enjoying cuddles and hugs from the children.


DUKE is the grandfather of the yard. He’s an 18-year-old Irish Draught who stands at 16’2. He’s kind, reliable and trustworthy, providing a steady ride for novice or disabled riders alike. He adores hacking through the woods and out on pub rides.


ECHO BOSTON is a 13-year-old chestnut Clydesdale x cob. Standing at 15’2, he’s ideal for teenagers and adults. Echo Boston has an extremely relaxed personality, but loves hacking out with more advanced riders.


GRADY is a 15-year-old grey Irish Draught X TB. Standing at 17’ he is an impressive ex-hunter. Although he’s big, he’s great with adults with special needs. He’s now in semi-retirement, enjoying walk-outs along the lanes and through the woods.


JACK is a 15-year-old dark bay Welsh Section C, standing at 13’2. He’s an incredibly reliable, steady pony. He really enjoys hacking and has also been hunting.


JOE is a CHAPS graded stallions. He’s 8-years-old, 13’ and a coloured traditional gypsy cob. He has amazing presence. He does a mixture of driving and riding, working with advanced riders only. He’s been shown at HOYS and at an international level. Despite all this, he really enjoys a hack round the woods.


JUNIPER is a 9-year-old dark bay Dartmoor mare, who stands at 13’1. She’s a cheeky, feisty pony who just loves going fast. So she enjoys the company of advanced teenagers or small adults. But she’s also very good with special needs riders and has taught many people to canter.


KYE is a 19-year-old bay roan TB x Shire who stands at 16’1. He competes locally and at county level. He’s a straightforward horse, who is best-suited to the advanced rider.


PT is a 16-year-old bay show pony who stands at 13’1. He’s a very talkative little chap, especially at feed time. He’s honest and sound, and loves his work.


ROSIE is an 8-year-old coloured Cob x who stands at 16’1. She’s a very relaxed, quiet horse, with an affectionate nature. She works very well with adults with special needs, but also loves hacking out through the woods, where she has a nice, forward pace.


SIN is a 19-year-old black Welsh Section D who stands at 15 hands. He is kind, competent and capable. Sin loves hacking out. His favourite thing however is going for a good swim during a beach ride.


TEDDY is a 9-year-old buckskin blanket British spotted pony who stands at 11’1. He loves both hacking and jumping, and is a good confidence-building pony for children.


TOM JACOB is an 8-year-old bay-and-white Cob X who stands at 16 hands. He’s a striking horse with a calm, peacable nature. He works well with both clients with special needs and advanced riders. He’s competed in elementary dressage, which is his favourite thing, but he also enjoys hacking.

YOGI is a 13-year-old chestnut New Forest pony who stands at 13’3. He’s an adorable little pony who loves hacking and jumping in equal measure. He’s a real confidence-giver for children and teenagers.